Please wash lashes daily, try to sleep on your back, use lash shampoo (not baby shampoo or micellar water, it needs to be specially formulated for your lash extensions!)

Do not pick or pull your lashes, do not use eyelash curlers or mascara on top of your lash extensions.

Brush your lashes every day and when you get your lashes wet use a fan or dryer on a low, cool setting to dry your lashes and bring them back to being fluffy.

Do not remove lashes with any over the counter products it will not work, you will risk damage and irritating your follicles. Please see a professional and get them removed do not do it yourself.

Please book your lash fill every 2- 3 weeks to keep your lashes maintained and healthy! 

Lash Extension Aftercare

Please come to your appointment with squeaky clean lashes, NO makeup as this can compromise the outcome of your lash retention or lash lift results. 

You may bring your AirPods or head phones if you wish to listen to music or podcast while your being lashed and or lash lifted. 

Arriving for your appointment:

Parking: You may park any where that isn’t already reserved for another business, we also have two reserved spaces if they are not taken, it is first come first serve and it will say “Reserved for Sinsa Beauty Suites.” 

Please message me when you have arrived to your appointment so I can come let you in and welcome you into our beautiful space

Please turn phones to silent and don’t answer any calls or text during our appointment. 

Lash Prep:

One week before appointment please start moisturizing the skin daily. 
2 days before appointment exfoliate and shave any desired areas.
24 hrs before appointment shower, exfoliate, and moisturize.
Day of appointment, make sure to wear loose fitted clothing. I suggest a black flowy dress or loose t- shirt and baggy pants, don’t wear anything tight fitted.
You may be sprayed in the nude, in undies or wear a bathing suit to your your appointment.

Spray Tan Prep:

Please wait 24 hrs before getting lashes wet, this is to ensure your lashes have properly set. Avoid mascara or any makeup, for the 24 hrs…please don’t sleep on your face or touch lashes. After your 24hrs you are free to use makeup, mascara(avoid waterproof), and wash your face as you please. I also recommend using a lash conditioner or serum everyday to keep lashes healthy and full. Book a lash lift every 6-8 weeks!

Lash Lift Aftercare

Please allow 8-12 hrs before washing spraytan off, when you wash spraytan off do not use any loofas or wash cloths, you are simply only rinsing solution off the first 8-12 hrs. Do not exceed 24 hours. The longer you leave it on the darker it gets. This organic spray tan does not stink, stain your clothes, or sheets so you can function and go about your day after your spray tan session. 

Spray Tan Aftercare

 Lash Reality's natural lash serum. *a natural approach to longer and thicker lashes* Nourish and restore your natural lashes with plant-based active ingredients that stimulate hair growth. Designed for everyday use.

Rad Lash

This incredible cleanser can remove even the heaviest eye makeup. Say goodbye to “raccoon eyes” with the super soft built-in charcoal brush head which is antimicrobial. Safe and very effective for use on all types of extensions.

Lash & Brow Shampoo

Mascara and Rad Lash Serum combined into one.  Nourish and restore your natural lashes with plant-based active ingredients that stimulate hair growth and promote curling. Fibers in the mascara work to create length and fullness. No clumps, flaking, or smudging.


please text (470) 577-0513 to place a pickup order!

A gentle pH balancing cleanser that provides a moisturizing clean without the sulfates AND sunless tanning safe!


Our BEET BUTTER combines shea butter, lavender, chamomile, oatmeal, and beetroot keeping your skin moisturized, and revitalized all day long.

Beet Butter

Indulge your skin with our BEETIT Buffing Sugar. This product will take you on a tropical vacation. Leaving your skin feeling refreshed, and hydrated! Get Ready to Glow!

Beetit Scrub

please text (470) 577-0513 to place a pickup order!

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My Favorite Aftercare

We put together a few of our best tips to get the best looking lashes!

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