Our services are for the clients who are sick of mascara that never lasts, despise strip lashes that they can't hardly get on, or want a natural glowy tan without the need for streaky self-tanners. We hear you and you're not alone!

Let’s level up your lash experience so you don’t have to take 30+min to apply a strip lash only for it to lift in the inner corner, or feel the sting of mascara somehow getting into your eyes, or how about when it runs and your left with dark under eyes and god forbid you have hooded lids and are dealing with mascara on not only your lid but also mascara running from oils, and sweat throughout your day!

For those who want to simplify their morning routine with a wake up and go lifestyle

I take pride in fully customizing a set of lashes for each of my clients, and can say with confidence each set is specifically customized to a persons lifestyle with consideration for lash health, eye shape, and symmetry to bring balance to your beautifully shaped faces! I use strategic mapping techniques, and walk each client through my process. You will leave with a brand new set of lashes that have been applied safely. You will look & feel like a million bucks! 

Let me help ease your daily routine

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A custom lash set specially made for YOU, your life style, with heavy consideration for your natural lash health, as always our main priority is to make sure we are not compromising the health of your natural lashes. Each lash extension is hand made & applied individually to each natural lash! This process takes about 3 hrs long, we will discuss your options and consider any style wishes! This comes with a lash aftercare kit to keep your lashes in tip top shape. You will learn how to properly take good care of your new lashes. I will also show you HOW to keep them clean and damage free. You will LOVE the outcome it will become your favorite service! 

Custom Lash Extensions

Below are recommended fill times:

1hr-$111 book every 2 weeks
1.5hr-$166.50 (recommended) book every 3 weeks
2hr- $222 (extended fill) book if you are transfer fill ins meaning you are coming from another lash artist, or those who simply need extra love

Lash Lifts

Want something low maintenance? This is the service for you! We adore lash lifts because they truly work for almost everyone, and the process only takes about 1 hour!

It comes with a lash tint and keratin treatment, perfect for anyone allergic to or not a great candidate for lash extensions. We use a water based adhesive to lift lashes onto a rod, where your natural lashes will then take the shape of whatever rod we choose. We measure each rod onto the lid to see where the natural lashes will lay, this is crucial to a successful lift.

This is best suited for those with downward, or straight facing lashes, blonde lashes or simply those wanting a more natural enhancement to their own lashes. This service will last 6-8 weeks, and you can book every 6-8 weeks out! 



Have you ever tried an organic spraytan? This is by far the best solution on the market.

It is made from sugar beets, has no bad smell, nor will it stain your clothes! The process takes about 30 minutes, you will come in with loose clothing, nothing that is fitted. Your skin will be exfoliated, washed, and shaved 48 hrs in advance. You will allow 8-12 hrs before rinsing.

You will love the natural glow of your new tan! 

Spray Tans

Client Love

I’ve had multiple lash artists in the past two years. Ciera is THE BEST BY FAR, and she will take care of you. When I started to go see Ciera my lashes were pretty damaged from the previous lash artists who were dishonest with me and did not care about the health of my lashes. Ciera has really put a lot of time into making sure that my lashes are done the right way, and now my lashes are starting to get longer.

My first time getting lash extensions and I’ll definitely be back!! Ciera was so sweet and created a custom lash set to suit my eyes and my preferences. She explained the process and aftercare very thoroughly and was clearly knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She was able to make my lashes look so full and voluminous despite some damage from wearing falsies. I couldn’t be happier and I’ll be going back for my wedding lashes in a few weeks!

This was my first time getting a Lash lift and tint and I AM IN LOVE. She was so sweet and fun to talk to and made me feel so comfortable. I would definitely recommend and I will be returning!

I have been going to the bridallashgal for quite some time. I’ve never had such an amazing experience anywhere else! I feel welcomed whenever I come in and leave looking fabulous!!! The hrs are so flexible, so even with working 5 days a week and being in school I still am able to be fit in! If you are looking for great service, amazing lashes, or a summer spray tan, look no further! BOOK NOW!! You will NOT be disappointed.

When you go to see Ciera you will have a lot of fun, and you will be amazed at the work that she can do. I highly recommend this lady for your skin and lash needs!

Ciera has really put a lot of time into making sure that my lashes are done the right way, and now my lashes are starting to get longer. I really enjoy going to see her and having her do my lashes, we have a really good conversation, my lashes always stay on a long time, and she designed a more natural looking lash style that actually compliments my face rather than giving me the exact same lashes as everybody else.

Do you want long lasting lashes? Our clients come once every 3 weeks for 1.5 hr lash fill, its quality over quantity! Have you ever felt rushed during your appointment only to be disappointed? We take our time with each appointment to ensure safety, quality & lash symmetry. Are you wanting a specific look? We specialize in customized lash sets! Not wanting lash extensions? Not a problem we also offer lash lifts Need a glow before an event? Look no further we got the perfect natural spraytan solution for you!

What makes us different

Frequently Asked Questions


NO lashes should never hurt, and if they do please get them removed. 

Do lashes hurt?


Of course! You should actually be washing your lashes daily for maximum retention. Keeping your lashes nice and clean will help your lashes last longer! 

Can I get my lashes wet?


Yes! I do all of the above, however my lashes are custom with a set price all across the board. You can get any style mentioned from super natural to the most dramatic look! 

Do you do classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume lashes?


You may not receive a refund after your service is completed. You can book a refill and we can adjust the look at your next fill in appointment and gradually work towards your desired look! 

what is your refund policy?


Lashes will last 6-8 weeks and sometimes longer with no maintenance involved.

How long do lashes last?


I suggest 2 weeks at a 1 hr fill after your first visit, and there after I will suggest booking every 3 weeks with a 1.5 hr fill in time. This will also depend on your lifestyle, how well you take care of your lashes so you can do either 2 or 3 week fill ins! 

When should i book a fill?


You can email me a picture of your lashes, and we will discuss correction options at no cost to you. 

what should i do if my lashes fall out within a weeK?


$333 Whether you get volume, hybrid, or classic it is the same price across the board. 

how much does a full volume set cost?

 Lash Reality's natural lash serum. *a natural approach to longer and thicker lashes* Nourish and restore your natural lashes with plant-based active ingredients that stimulate hair growth. Designed for everyday use.

Rad Lash

This incredible cleanser can remove even the heaviest eye makeup. Say goodbye to “raccoon eyes” with the super soft built-in charcoal brush head which is antimicrobial. Safe and very effective for use on all types of extensions.

Lash & Brow Shampoo

Mascara and Rad Lash Serum combined into one.  Nourish and restore your natural lashes with plant-based active ingredients that stimulate hair growth and promote curling. Fibers in the mascara work to create length and fullness. No clumps, flaking, or smudging.


please text (470) 577-0513 to place a pickup order!

A gentle pH balancing cleanser that provides a moisturizing clean without the sulfates AND sunless tanning safe!


Our BEET BUTTER combines shea butter, lavender, chamomile, oatmeal, and beetroot keeping your skin moisturized, and revitalized all day long.

Beet Butter

Indulge your skin with our BEETIT Buffing Sugar. This product will take you on a tropical vacation. Leaving your skin feeling refreshed, and hydrated! Get Ready to Glow!

Beetit Scrub

please text (470) 577-0513 to place a pickup order!

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My Favorite Aftercare

This freebie will give you the 411 on lashes and what to look for when booking your first set of lash extensions!

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